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We are a coffee production company
creating repeatable tailor-made
Taste Profiles

About Us

Levelup Coffee: From the creators of Ninety Plus, Levelup Coffee produces and custom-processes Taste Profiles of 50 bags (3000 kg) or greater for international clientele.

Ground Operators: We are the only  comprehensive and fully-integrated international specialty coffee production team, based on the ground controlling proprietary processing and supply chain management protocols and maintaining a presence in the market to support consumer experience of our Taste Profile brands in over 40 countries.

Leading a New Category of Coffee Producer: We are a comprehensive coffee production company, building Taste Profile brands at the ground level that are constructed to create long-term following and brand equity with green coffee dealers, roasters, retailers, and consumers.

An International and Interdisciplinary Effort: We are a multi-cultural, multi-lingual team, transcending international boundaries to instill a common sense of purpose in coffee development and purveyance.